In this scene
only the woman cries out
The faceless stand in judgment
A paper passes from hand to hand
They initial it one by one
Their duly appointed representative,
he who just passed by,
holds her down. In this scene
only the woman cries out
A hundred faceless men
narrow the circle. Arm in arm 
they'll have their way. In this scene
only she knows, only she feels
In this scene Do what you want!
As eyes do in the dark, the circle widens
On the paper circulating among us,
how many counts 
will you mark with your hand?
Not the five of DEATH!
    Nor the four of LOVE?
        Not the three of YES?
In this scene...  The cry of NO! 
Only the woman cries out

Copyright @ 2001, 2002 by Wayne Amtzis. All Rights Reserved.